Are you an Empath?



I read an article today on “30 traits of an Empath” and it reminded me how all my life, I lived with these traits and had no name for what it all meant.

I’ve always been that person that day dreams and tunes out the world when I feel overwhelmed or bored.  As I got older, I began to think something was really wrong with me.  Why didn’t I grow out of that world of fantasy that I lived in as a kid.  Why was I so able to shut down and live in a world of make believe, full of hopes and dreams (no I didn’t run around playing with fairies and unicorns in my daydreams).  It was my safe haven.  My place to feel warm and secure and dream about the person I would become. No one that I knew talked about doing this, so I just kept it to myself… like other things.

Like being around someone you truly love and adore being around, but after a couple of hours, you begin to feel drained, tired, overwhelmed with the sense that you need to get away even though the person didn’t do anything wrong.  Yes, they were telling you about their day and how this happened and that happened and you sit there an listen intently then suddenly, you are at that place again where you’re in control… You’ve just zoned out.  Why, because the energy the other person is projecting is being absorbed by you so much so that you begin to feel weighed down and in order to not scream, you retreat back to that place within your own head.  Your safe haven.

Or that moment in your life when you realize that you attract people to you like a magnet.  Mostly the broken people (why, because deep down, most Empaths think they are broken too) and you just can’t figure out what you are doing to attract these people.  But you also realize how much YOU are attracted to them too.  Empaths are natural healers/fixers and all you want to do is “Fix” someone, anyone, that person that is sitting there in the corner quietly trying to be unseen, but you SEE them.  You make a point to let them know they are seen and they cling to you like saran wrap and they don’t even know why, but just being around you makes them feel good.

Most of us Empaths come to pivotal point in our lives where we are either drawn into the world around us, becoming what others expect us to be and ignoring the “gift” because we are afraid of being judged, not fitting in, being an outcast, not being accepted.  Some are over taken by  their gifts and become distraught or depression from the overload of it all.  OR, we begin to search for answers.  Why do I feel the way that I do, why do I experience this overwhelm, how do I deal with this part of myself.  The latter is me.  I ignored my gifts for so long, that I forgot they even existed.  But back when I was growing up, I didn’t have anyone to turn to to ask questions.  It wasn’t the “In” thing to do, to not fit in that is and though I never tried to “fit in”, I didn’t want to be labeled and judged either.

Thinking back on when I was growing up, I was always a creative and expressive person and let my mom tell it, she thought I was going to be more of a “Free Spirit” type person, but because of responsibilities, I sort of put my creative spirit to the side, went to work in corporate for 17+ yrs and got lost in life… being a wife, mother, daughter, but not being ME!  So I hit that pivotal point where I knew there was so much more to me and I missed the person I was, day dreamer and all, and began my search to find answers.  To find ME.

Connecting with crystals has helped me immensely in dealing with the world around me as an Empath.  I’ve learned how to shield myself from other peoples energy and ground myself when things become too much to bare.

I’m still on this journey of “Awakening to my gifts” and I’m learning so much and becoming more in tuned with myself and all that is around me.  And I also realize that Crystal Energy is just one of the conduits that is helping on that path.

If any of this resonates with you in any way, explore how crystals can help you “Awaken you gifts”.



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