Connecting with nature has a relaxing, grounding effects on the mind and body, but in these times of self isolation, communing outdoors in nature may not be an option.

Here are some ways to connect with nature by bringing the natures elements indoors.

Geode Planter by Tal & Bert

Earth Element

Plants – plants are one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in and there are many benefits to having indoor plants.

  • They clean indoor air by removing toxins
  • They improve concentration and your mood
  • Gardening, even indoors is meditative
  • it helps you to focus and ground your energy
  • They bring the elements of Earth, Water and Air into your home

Zen Garden – a Zen Garden is usually made of sand and stones.  The sand is raked into round, spiral or rippled pattern which represents the sea. Rocks are places on top of the sand to make a soothing pattern. You can find or make a miniature Zen Garden to have on your desk or a size to have in the corner of you deck.  Creating your own Zen Garden is a fun project to do with kids using colorful sands and sea shells, or Lego figures.

Crystals – what better way to connect with nature than the use of Crystals. Crystals hold the healing power of the Earth, each vibrating it’s own frequency. Crystals can place worn on the body, placed in areas of your home for protection or you can create a Crystal grid to help heal you and to manifest your intentions.


Water Element

Water fountain – not only does a water fountain bring in the element of Water into the home, but it offers up its tranquil sounds

Aquariums – create your own mini Aquarium at home.  Fish, turtles and other small aquatic  life can help relax the troubled mind and regain your focus through quiet, contemplative thought. The sounds of a fish tank can also be very calming.


Air Element

Aromatherapy  – we all know that the smell of something can take you mind to memories of long times past. Using natural aromatics such as essential oils, can help to clear the mind, release tension in the body and evoke a sense of peace.

Incense – incense are  another way to use natures aromatics to boost healing. Plants, roots, herbs and resins are used to create incense and when burned, release aromas into the air. Incense are used in meditations and also on alters to honor deities and or loved ones/ancestors.  They also help to purify a space.


Fire Element

Candles – are a good way to connect to the element of Fire. Candles can be used as a part of your meditation practice or can be lit on your nature altar to honor nature, deities and the ancestors.  Candles are also great to use during meditation.  Let you eyes gaze on the flame and calm the mind.


*note:  the crystal planter in the above image can be found or @Etsy/TalandBert.  The Mini Zen Garden can be found @Etsy/CellarsNook.  I am NOT an affiliate of these stores.

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