Connecting through Journaling

Mini Journals


As you go through your journey of getting to know and connect with you crystals, you might want to think about writing down your experience. Like creating a Crystal Journal.  In this journal, you’ll record which crystal you used, how did you use your crystals, for how long, and what was your results.  What emotions did you feel if any, did you feel a low or high vibration from your crystal, or even, nothing at all. What was your purpose for selecting that crystal.  Were you trying to manifest something,  where you trying to heal or just connect with your divine self. Be as details in your input as you can so that when you go back to that section of your journal, you’ll have a clear view of what your experience was, good or bad.  As you begin to build your collection and connection with your crystals, you will see which crystals you resonate with more, which you are more drawn too and may even notice that there may be a pattern, certain times where you may be in need of certain crystal guidance.

Make your crystal journaling a fun experience.  Here are a few ways to connect with your crystals and have a fun time journaling about it:

Not a writer, then don’t!

I for one am not a writer.  Writing is like pulling teeth for me.  I can’t seem to get my thoughts to come out as I want them to with words, so I sketch.  I think this is part of the designer in me, but I like to sketch or doodle and jot down words around it if need be, but I don’t kill myself trying to express myself in words anymore, I just go with what feels right for me.

Can’t sketch or draw, then don’t!

If stick figures and pencil art  is not your thing, then find images in a magazine or better yet “take a selfie” of your process.  Again it doesn’t have to be about the words, but find an image that express your emotions, etc.

That leads to the next thing,

Video Journal it!

Sometime, trying to find the time or the words to express that raw emotion you feel is hard so pull out that phone and record it.

These are just a few ways to help you on your Crystal Journey and start you off Journaling about this journey.

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