The rose of Jericho, also know as The Resurrection Plant, is a plant known for its ability to return to life after being dormant for long periods of time. There are actually two species of Rose of Jericho, one being Anastatica hierochuntica, the true plant and Selaginella Lepidophylla; which also goes by the same name and it most commonly found.

Rose of Jericho seems to die and be reborn again, which is why it is called the “resurrection plant.” This ability is also the source of its powerful spiritual and magical properties. This is a must-have plant for practitioners of hoodoo, Santeria, Espiritismo, Brujeria, Christians and other paths. In Santeria and Yoruba traditions, this plant is sometimes considered sacred to the Orisha Shango.

The resurrection plant symbolizes protection, power, happiness, abundance and peace. It prevents the bad power sources from influencing your life. To bring happiness and prosperity into your home. Place this plant by the front door to welcome in blessings.

How to Awaken your plant

You will need a large glass bowl large enough to hold the plant once it opens up. I like to cleanse my bowl with Florida Water (rinsing thoroughly) or smudging it. Then fill the bowl with fresh water. Next, holding the plant in your hand, meditate or say a prayer and connect with you plant. When it feel right, place your plant into the bowl of water. Your plant will begin to “awaken” within minutes. The water will need to be changed every few days or as you see it becoming murky. You can choose to completely submerge your plant under water or just have the roots submerged, that is your choice. I like to place coins and amulets in with my plant to draw in abundance and protection. When you feel ready to let your plant dry out, remove your plant (remembering to keep the water) and place your plant on a clean paper towel to dry. If you added coins and an amulet to the water, you can place that on top of the plant and as it dries, the plant will close around the items. Once you re-awaken the plant, you will re-awaken the power of the items you have inside, bring renewed abundance (coins) and protections (amulets).

The water from this holy plant can be used for protection by washing protective jewelry like amulets or prayer beads. You can make the sign of the Cross by placing your fingers into the water, and drawing the sign on the back of your front door to keep evil out. The water can also be used as Holy Water, or as a base for making spiritual waters. I like to pour the water on my front stoop and walkway to wash away bad energy and, draw in good luck and for protection. I also do this for the floor of my business.

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Peace and Blessings!

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